Sheila Windsor lives in Worcestershire, England, very happily growing up with her husband, two sons and two tortoises. She is considering founding an exclusive society with Maurice Tasnier for tortoise keeping haiku poets.

Sheila has written poetry since the age of eleven. Her first publishing successes were with mainstream poetry. Awards include: runner-up in Poetry Life Annual International Poetry Competition and Poet of the Year award sponsored by the Poetry Society (UK).

Met and fell in love with haiku, and its relations, five years ago. First published by John Barlow in Snapshots, later in various other reputable haiku journals in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

contests & awards

Sheila has won numerous awards for her haiku, including:

runner-up: still spring and autumn award several times
runner-up: Snapshots Annual Anthology Award
winner of the BHS James Hackett Award 1998

Most recently, she was the winner of the Third Annual Suruga-Baika International Literary Festival (Japan) 2000.

newspaper, magazine, & journal appearances

Previous credits include: Snapshots, Frogpond, still, Blithe Spirit, and others.

haijinx II:2 (spring 2002)

haiga (Sheila Windsor haiku): "thru the window" - previously unpublished artwork
haiga (Sheila Windsor haiku): "out of the heat" - previously unpublished artwork

haijinx I:2 (summer 2001)

haiga (Bruce Kennedy haiku): "a blue sky" - previously unpublished
haiga (Sheila Windsor haiku): "closing my eyes" - previously unpublished

haijinx I:1 (spring 2001)

haiga (alan j summers haiku): "the old dunny's roof"- previously unpublished artwork
haiku: "April hailstones" - previously unpublished
haiku: "Halloween flood" - previously unpublished

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